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Best Gifts For Oil Painters

Oil painting is a beautiful and creative art form, and there’s nothing like receiving a thoughtful gift that can help enhance the experience. But what makes the best gift for oil painters? From high-quality painting supplies to unique accessories, we’ve rounded up the top gifts for oil painters to help you find the perfect present for your favorite artist.

Whether you’re searching for the best supplies for beginners or more advanced tools for experienced painters, this guide has you covered. We’ve rounded up the top gifts for oil painters, from budget-friendly options to luxury items that any artist would love. Keep reading to find the perfect gift for the oil painter in your life!

Oil Paint Sets

Oil Paint Sets are essential for any oil painter. A good quality set of paints can make the difference between a good painting and a great painting. There are many different types of oil paint sets available on the market today, from student grade paints to professional grade paints. When choosing an oil paint set, it is important to consider the quality of the paints, the number of colors in the set, and the cost.

Here are some of the best oil paint sets for oil painters:

• Winsor & Newton Professional Oil Colour Set – This professional quality set includes 24 colors, allowing you to mix and match to create your desired color palette. The colors are highly pigmented and are sure to provide you with excellent results.

• Gamblin Artist’s Oil Color Set – This professional quality set includes 34 colors, giving you a wide range of options when creating your paintings. The colors are highly saturated and have superior lightfastness.

• Maimeri Puro Artist Oil Color Set – This student grade set includes 12 colors and is perfect for those just starting out with oil painting. The colors are lightfast and have a creamy consistency that is easy to work with.

• Rembrandt Professional Oil Color Set – This professional grade set includes 24 colors that are highly pigmented and have excellent light fastness. The creamy consistency allows for smooth blending and mixing of colors.


Are you looking for the perfect gift for an oil painter? Look no further! Canvases are a great gift for any artist. Here are some of the best canvases that oil painters will love:

• Cotton Duck Canvas – This canvas is made of 100% cotton and is the most popular choice for oil painting. It is designed to last and be incredibly durable, making it ideal for any artist.

• Linen Canvas – Linen canvas is made from natural fibers and has a luxurious feel to it. It is more expensive than cotton duck canvas, but it is also more durable and will last longer.

• Pre-Stretched Canvas – Pre-stretched canvas is a great option for beginning oil painters as it eliminates the need to stretch the canvas yourself. This can be a time-consuming process for some artists, so pre-stretched canvases are an excellent choice.

• Stretched Canvas Pads – Stretched canvas pads are great for those who want to paint on the go. They are lightweight and come with several different sizes, making them perfect for creating larger paintings or smaller sketches.

• Wood Panels – Wood panels are another great choice as they provide a smooth surface to paint on. They are also very durable and can easily be framed or hung on the wall.


Easels are essential tools for any oil painter. They are designed to provide the perfect angle for painting and allow you to work more comfortably. Some of the best gifts for oil painters include:

1. A-Frame Easel: A-frame easels are sturdy and provide a great angle for painting. They can be adjusted to different heights and angles, making them perfect for a variety of painting styles.

2. Table Easel: Table easels are great for those who don’t have a lot of space to work with. They can easily be set up on a table, allowing you to paint from the comfort of your own home.

3. Plein Air Easel: Plein air easels are perfect for outdoor painting. They are lightweight and portable, making them easy to carry around with you as you explore nature’s wonders.

4. Tripod Easel: Tripod easels are great for those who prefer to paint standing up. They provide an adjustable angle and are easy to store when not in use.

5. Wall Easel: Wall easels are perfect for those who don’t have much space but still want to be able to paint in a comfortable setting. They can easily be mounted on a wall, allowing you to paint in even the smallest of spaces.

Painting Knives

Painting Knives are an essential tool for the oil painter. They can be used to apply paint in a variety of ways, from creating bold strokes to blending and manipulating texture. With the help of painting knives, artists have the freedom to explore new techniques and create vivid and dynamic paintings.

Here are some of the best painting knives for oil painting:

• Huion 8 Pieces Professional Palette Knife Set: This set of eight professional palette knives is perfect for mixing and applying paint. The ergonomic handles provide comfortable grip, while the stainless steel blades allow for precise control.

• Artify 10 Pieces Stainless Steel Painting Knife Set: This set includes ten different shaped painting knives, perfect for a variety of techniques. The stainless steel blades are durable and excellent for mixing and blending paints.

• Royal & Langnickel Artist’s Painting Knife Set: This set includes four painting knives with ergonomic handles, perfect for precise control. The stainless steel blades are perfect for mixing and blending paint, while the wooden handles provide a comfortable grip.

• Winsor & Newton Artisan Mixing Knife Set: This set includes three professional-grade mixing knives with ergonomic handles and long stainless steel blades. The blades are ideal for mixing and blending paint, while the handles provide a secure grip for precise control.

Paint Brushes

Paint Brushes

When it comes to oil painting, having the right kind of paint brushes is essential. From the traditional bristle brushes to the modern synthetic brushes, there are a variety of paint brush types to choose from. Here are some of the most popular oil painting brush types:

• Bristle Brushes – These are made from natural animal hair and are ideal for creating bold strokes and textures.

• Flat Shader Brushes – These brushes come with long bristles, allowing you to create broad areas of color quickly and easily.

• Round Brushes – These brushes are perfect for creating thin lines and details.

• Filbert Brushes – These brushes have a rounded edge and are great for getting into tight areas.

• Fan Brushes – These brushes have longer bristles that fan out, making them ideal for blending colors and creating soft textures.

• Mop Brushes – These large, fluffy brushes can be used to quickly cover large areas with paint.

When selecting paint brushes, it’s important to choose ones that are well-made and of good quality. Good quality paint brushes will last longer and create better results.

Palette Knives

Palette Knives are essential tools for oil painters, allowing them to mix and spread their paints with precision. Palette knives come in a variety of sizes, materials, and shapes. Selecting the right kind of palette knife can make a big difference in the ease and accuracy of an artist’s work.

Here are some of the best palette knives for oil painting:

•Stainless Steel Palette Knife: This type of palette knife is made from stainless steel and is lightweight, durable, and easy to clean.

•Plastic Palette Knife: This type of palette knife is made from plastic and is a great option for beginner painters. It is lightweight and easy to clean.

•Soft-Grip Palette Knife: This type of palette knife is made from durable plastic with a soft-grip handle. It is comfortable to use and provides excellent control.

•Offset Palette Knife: This type of palette knife is great for mixing paints or applying paint in tight corners or areas that are difficult to reach with a regular palette knife.

•Flexible Palette Knife: This type of palette knife is made from flexible metal that allows for more precision when mixing paint or applying it to the canvas.

No matter what kind of palette knife you choose, it’s important to select one that fits your hand comfortably and provides the control you need to do your best work.


Turpentine is an essential oil painting supply for cleaning your brushes and thinning down your oil paints. It is a necessary item in any oil painter’s toolkit, and there are several options available. Turpentine can be found in both natural and synthetic varieties and should be chosen based on the desired effect. Natural turpentine is made from pine resin and has a more pronounced smell, while synthetic turpentine can be less harsh on the nose. You can also get turpentine that is blended with mineral spirits, which can offer a more pleasant smell while still offering the same cleaning properties as traditional turpentine. For the aspiring oil painter, turpentine is a must-have item that can help you to create beautiful works of art.

Palette Cups

Palette Cups are a great gift for oil painters and are a practical and affordable way to keep their supplies organized. Here are some of our favorite Palette Cups for oil painters:

• Oil Palette Cup Clip On – This clip-on palette cup attaches easily to any size palette and keeps your colors from spilling while you work.

• ArtBin Oil Paint Palette Cup – This convenient palette cup comes with four separate compartments to store oil paints, brushes, and other supplies.

• Winsor & Newton Cheltenham Luxury Wooden Oil Box Set – This luxury wooden box set includes a palette cup with a sliding lid, perfect for storing and organizing your paints and brushes.

• Personalized Painters Palette – Make your gift even more special with this personalized painters palette. It’s perfect for keeping all their supplies in one convenient place.


Oil painting is a messy business, so a good apron is essential for any oil painter. An apron not only protects your clothes from paint spills, but also provides easy access to your supplies. Look for an apron with pockets and loops to hang your brushes and other tools. Maker’s Crossback Aprons from Cheap Joe’s are a great choice for oil painters, as they are designed for ultimate comfort and convenience. They come in various styles and sizes, and feature adjustable straps for the perfect fit.

For the fashion-conscious, why not treat yourself (or someone special) to an “Art is Life” Bracelet? This stylish design features colorful beads and a sterling silver charm, making it the perfect accessory for any painter. It’s the perfect way to show off your appreciation of art!

Canvas Stretcher

1. Canvas Stretcher – A canvas stretcher is a great gift for any oil painter. It helps to ensure that your canvas is stretched evenly and securely, so that you can get the most from your painting. The most popular canvas stretchers are made from wood, but there are also metal and plastic versions available.

2. Canvas Pliers – Canvas pliers are an essential tool for any oil painter. They make stretching and positioning the canvas much easier, as they can be used to hold the edges of the canvas in place while you work. Canvas pliers are made with rubber tips to prevent damage to the canvas, making them a great addition to any oil painter’s toolbox.

3. Canvas Weights – Weights are used to keep the canvas taut while you’re painting, helping to prevent wrinkles and uneven stretching. The most common type of weight is a sandbag, which can easily be filled with sand or other materials and placed along the edges of the canvas. This will help keep the canvas secure while you work and ensure that your painting looks its best when finished.

4. Gesso – Gesso is a type of paint primer that is used to prepare a canvas for painting. It helps to provide a smooth finish and ensures that paint will adhere properly, so it’s an essential part of any oil painter’s supplies. Gesso is available in both white and black, so you can choose the one that best suits your needs.

5. Priming Supplies – Priming supplies are essential for preparing a canvas for painting in oils. This includes items like gesso.

best gifts for oil painters
best gifts for oil painters

Learning Resources

Oil painting courses that offer online instruction are a great way for beginner painters to learn the basics of the craft. A great gift for them would be oil paint sets, especially ones with a variety of colors. Another essential item is canvas boards or stretched canvases, so that they can put their new skills to the test. Other thoughtful gifts would include brushes of varying sizes, or an easel or palette set. These gifts are sure to help them get off to a great start in their oil painting journey!

Books on oil painting techniques are a great resource for those looking to further develop their skills. Whether they’re just starting out or have years of experience, an oil painter will always benefit from having access to the latest techniques and materials. Education is key when it comes to honing one’s talent, so a book on oil painting techniques makes for a great gift for any oil painter. Additionally, other great gifts for an oil painter may include art supplies such as brushes, paints, and canvases as well as items like protective aprons, smocks, and drop cloths.

Sketchbooks and journals are perfect for helping artists document their progress, practice their technique and capture ideas for future paintings Thereafter, sketchbooks and journals are the perfect gifts for aspiring oil painters. They provide an invaluable resource for capturing their progress and technique, while also serving as a source of inspiration to help in the creation of future works. These best gifts for oil painters will certainly be appreciated and treasured by any artist.

Gifts That Inspire Creativity

Quality paintbrushes are an essential tool for any oil painter and make a great gift. Whether they prefer a natural bristle brush, a synthetic brush, or both, having the right tools can make all the difference when it comes to painting with oils. A quality set of brushes of various sizes and shapes will allow oil painters to mix colors, blend pigments, and create lines of various widths in their works of art. Additionally, consider gifting them with canvas boards or panels for practice pieces or for works that don’t need to be framed. Other items that can make great gifts for oil painters include select pigments and mediums, palette knives for mixing and sculpting paint, and portfolio cases for storing finished work.

A set of pre-stretched canvases in various sizes is another great gift that any painter would be sure to appreciate. Not only will they be able to dive right into their art without having to stretch the canvas themselves, but they will also have plenty of options with a variety of sizes. Oil painting sets are a classic gift and come with all the supplies they’ll need, including paints, brushes and a canvas board. For an extra special touch, you can even get your oil painter personalized paints or brushes with their name on them that they can proudly display in their studio. Regardless of what you choose, an oil painter will be sure to be grateful for any gift that allows them to create more works of art.

Specialized oil painting palettes are also a great present, allowing the artist to mix their colors with ease and accuracy Again, specialized oil painting palettes make great gifts for oil painters. They allow the artist to mix colors quickly and accurately, making painting a more enjoyable experience. When searching for the best gifts for oil painters, consider purchasing an oil painting palette and watch their face light up as they open it!

Practical Solutions for Organization

A well-stocked rolling art cart is a great way to keep supplies organized and easily accessible for oil painters. It is one of the best gifts for oil painters, as it allows them to easily transport and store all of their painting materials in one convenient place. The cart should be large enough to fit canvases and other large materials, and have multiple drawers to hold smaller items such as brushes, paints, and other tools. Additionally, the rolling cart should have a sturdy and durable base to ensure it can last through years of use.

An adjustable easel can also help store and display artwork in progress, making it one of the best gifts for oil painters. Not only does it provide an essential space for painting, it can also be used as an eye-catching display stand for finished pieces. An adjustable easel is a great way to store and show off an oil painter’s hard work, and helps make the painting process more efficient and enjoyable.

Paint brush holders are excellent for keeping brushes clean and safe, while palettes and palette cups help with color mixing and organization All in all, paint brush holders, palettes and palette cups are some of the best gifts for oil painters. Not only do they aid with the practical aspects of painting, like keeping brushes clean and helping with color mixing and organization, but they also make excellent decorative items that can improve any artist’s workspace.

Extras to Enhance the Painting Experience

An easel is a great gift option for any artist that allows them to easily adjust their painting surface. As an oil painter, having the right tools is essential for creating beautiful works of art. Quality brushes, oil paints, and an easel are essential for creating great artwork. While an easel might seem like a simple gift, it is an invaluable tool for any oil painter. An easel not only allows a painter to adjust their work surface to the exact angle they desire but it also provides stability and support for larger canvases. A good quality easel is an excellent gift for any oil painter that will help them create beautiful art for years to come.

A palette with a variety of colors is also essential for an oil painter to create their masterpiece. Fortunately, there are many great gift options for the oil painter of any level. A starter set of quality oil paints is always a welcome choice, as are pre-mixed color palettes. High-quality brushes are also a great gift, with some of the best being made with natural bristles. Other quality gifts for an oil painter include an ergonomic palette knife, an easel, and high-grade canvas boards for painting on. Whatever you choose, these items will surely be appreciated by any oil painter!

Finally, an assortment of paintbrushes will give the artist the ability to make different types of brush strokes and details in their work However, an assortment of paint brushes is one of the best gifts for oil painters. Brushes give the artist the ability to create different types of brush strokes and details in their work, which is essential for making a masterpiece. Therefore, an assortment of brushes should be definitely considered when selecting a gift for someone who loves oil painting.

Wrapping up

Regardless of what your budget is, there are plenty of great gifts for oil painters out there. Whether you choose to go with supplies or luxury items, you’re sure to find something that will satisfy even the pickiest painter. With all the options available, it’s easy to find the perfect gift that’s sure to please any oil painter in your life.

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